flipping socks and flaming hair,
I know you are both hidden somewhere,
secretly bonded to put me off track,
blowing raspberries behind my back,
I am armed with a yard brush,
and I am coming for you,
there is nothing on this planet,
that is going to help you,
I will be moving and cleaning ,
behind the washing machine,
when I am finished with you,
this house will be oh so clean,
scraping away ground in marks,
disinfecting every inch of floor,
taking down the cobweb decorations,
spiders evicted and out of the door!
other little dust animals run amok,
houseless and homeless again,
I will brush and mop til I can’t no more,
I will even wash every window pane!
every bread crumb that has fallen from grace,
every teaspoon gone missing under the sink,
I am going to find you all one by one,
clean you up and put you back in your place,
pasta pieces stuck under the table,
spots of grease launched up the wall,
tomato sauce in the craziest of places,
my list is endless I will find you all,
finger prints on the fridges door,
pieces of fluff rolling across the floor,
a desert of sand blowing in from the west,
this job is endless I need a rest,
the clothes horse is carrying more than what should be,
there is an ongoing alien invasion in our WC,
there is so much chaos going around here,
we are only missing a cat with constant diarrhea,
under the bed I found the lost Atlantis,
with Nemo and his submarine in full flow,
one shoe from the Victorian era,
and Antonio Correnti painted in blue,
and at last I found you, what I was looking for,
the historical lost artifact from a millennium ago,
the sock missing in action from a famous war,
full of holes and radioactive goo,
or my darling how I have missed you!
so after a full on assault with products so mean,
I have done my chores and the house is clean,
now I settle down next to my love on the coach,
who turns to me romantically with a twinkle in her eye,
you are tired my  love ,well poor you,
I have just got a small request for you to do,
as I gaze to the clock and I notice the time,
one o’clock has come time to dine,
and so it never ends my chores at home,
scrubbing and cooking til the fading light,
hopefully I can sleep peacefully for most of the night!

© D.Hobson March 2014