Life is not a game,
We are not cats with nine lives,
We have no ALT or Ctrl button
To cancel what we have just done,
We gain experience,
By real life situations,
And not some well thought out plot,
We all get tired from a daily routine,
And life is not forever,
It case you had forgotten,

How great it would be,
To live a life as if it was a game,
Memories canceled in an explosion of pixels,
And we can start all over again
Power up to the next level,
Birthdays are no longer needed,
When ill and sneezing and coughing,
Make sure you have the medical kit,
Hidden somewhere on level three,
When you have messed up a decision,
And you are in serious shit without a clue,
Just hit the button on the left,
Esc is the best thing to do!
Instead of brushing teeth,
Or paying the dentist for a makeover,
Just get down into the program,
adjust the teeth colour,
Where scar tissue is never seen,
And the only direction you go is ahead.

The only thing bad is when there is a power cut,
And you have to wash up the real dishes instead,
Itching and waiting for the electric to return,
You even cook yourself a proper meal,
It is amazing what a gas cooker can do,
You did not realize it had so much sex appeal,

As the hours pass by you get nervous,
Hoping the food in the fridge does not go to ruin,
Then by a miracle of immense proportions,
You start some house cleaning,
To really underline you don’t know what you’re doing,
As the lights flash back,
And the computer powers up,
You are too knackered now,
So please take a seat,
Only then do you realise a fatal error,
And all games saved were sent to delete,
Knowing all your progress is lost,
And all your game time was wasted,
It seems that something bigger here is at play,
Something stole my power,
Thus evicted me from my computer world,
From boredom I cooked a bloody good meal,
And even spring cleaned the house in autumn,

Maybe Jobs or Gates had a hand this,
Being divine as they are,
They pushed me back into the real life,
Which is more exciting by far,
Here in the real world we run along a tightrope,
Hopefully not stopping to look down,
All of this without the safety net,
To cover the shark infested moat below,
Here in life risks are daily and risks are cruel,
One player or go on let’s make it a dual,
Power up is needed to recharge your smart phone,
Your companion more by your side than your wife,
So the moral of this complicate annoying verse,
Is to get off you ass and live your life!!

© D.Hobson March 2014