We are tumbling down memory lane,
Going through our photos again,
Seeing so much, being happy,
Glorious days of you and me,
In a world full of crisis,
In a world of war and gloom,
We should be hiding under the covers,
And not going out you presume,
We don’t live like that,
We are stupid not to have saved up our pennies,
But we like living for the moment,
A weekend on the Amalfi coast,
A quick dinner in Florence,
A concert in Rome to blast away the cobwebs,
A glass of red wine at home,
Itching to do more of the same again,
Cannot wait to get back on a plane,
Austria , France and the U.K. photographed,
Where will this madman take you next time,

Tumbling down memory lane,
Loving every minute of our explicit game,
Remembering the good times,
That overshadows the bad,
Remembering to be happy,
Without feeling too sad,
Finding friends in the weirdest place,
Trying to understand the dumbest of people,
Castles, abbeys and abandoned towns,
Rising above the fear of the highest steeple,
Trying to get by winter as best as we can,
Screaming at the illness who brings you down,
A horrible few months in darkness and doubt,
Spring is now here and the sun has come out,
Promise me you do, what you need to do,
And my promise in return will get you on a plane,
September I hope with promises forged,
We will be eating with sister and her two sons,
Enjoying a giggle but sadly without abbie,
Making more memories with family,
So in future we can take note,
And roll back down that rickety path,
And tumble-down memory lane again!

© D.Hobson March 2014