sweet is the after taste,
I have on my lips,
of kissing you whilst,
being part of a red,red sunset,
great is the feeling,
of living my life with you,
and sharing every glorious moment,
and knowing everything you do,
emotionally charged and active,
as we fight to conquer another day,
when illness and taxes,
plan to derail our momentum,
we override the system to play,
and when nerves are frayed,
and words are shouted,
our love is solid as a rock,
we will get over the niggles,
beating thunder and its aftershock,
getting tired and weary,
fed up with the house chores,
but being with you is a fantasy,
and in the end we do much more,
sweet is the after taste,
after meeting you,
five years ago,
we travel, we laugh,
we ride the surf,
and put on one hell of a show,
when hiccups stop the commentary,
I tickle you to death,
when breathing through your nose is difficult,
I would lend you my last breath,
when everything is said and done,
and we find time to relax,
I still have one more word for you,
and is so simple, it is thanks!

© D.Hobson March 2014