We’re in an endless board game,
and I’ve just tripped over the dice,
the snake ate the largest ladder,
because we wasn’t playing nice,
I’ve lost my best tiddly wink,
and my marbles have gone astray,
the iron from monopoly,
went on strike again today,
the money from that game,
has now become so worthless,
the Bitcoin is all the rage,
more redundant than a page,
as interactive as a board game gets,
we always land in debt,
whether it’s a snake or go to jail,
the 2D game will prevail,
it’s such Frustration,
when you don’t know Ludo,
and you stick to Draughts,
so you don’t have to learn Chess,
and Dungeons and Dragons,
well that is too technical,
I will stick to my cards,
and learn Snap instead,
and the BlackJack cheats,
and the Russian Roulette is dead,
we’re in an endless board game,
and we’ve given up on the cheats,
the dice are worn, the cards torn,
and we haven’t been out in weeks!

© D.Hobson March 2014