Morning all, or evening all, hope everyone is ok, you might or might not have noticed that I have slowed down a little bit with my poetry, it is not that I have got writers block, I have just had a few strange weeks where I have had not had time or energy to write on a daily basis.
I am also trying to compile an Ebook, I have seen everywhere that we all need to have a goal in life, and as I have not published a book of sorts that I thought it was about time, I may sell about ten books but that will be ok with me, I still have achieved something.
Positive news is that spring is blooming and the feel good factor is coming back, Easter is coming into view and we have a few rock concerts lined up between her and the summer.
I would like to thank all the people who take time to read some parts of some of my poems, it is very much appreciated, I love reading your comments too.
Below is a list of poems I have published here on WordPress over the last few weeks, maybe you missed them.
I will update you in the future of my progress in compiling my eBook, currently at two chapters and thirty pages, obviously some poems are written exclusively for the book and there will be a few more photos!

Thanks Again.
Darren and Elisa

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