it is a murky, mist day,
where ideas have gone astray,
it is like oily, greasy water,
like we have here in Velletri,
everything you have planned,
seems to have hit a snag,
like trying to pass the hardest level,
until you finally lose your rag,
there is always something or someone,
to place a stick between your spokes,
you can taste the outcome,
but cannot get over the brick wall,
you start to get annoyed with yourself,
and then everything else falls,
between i told you so and deja vu,
people laugh at your distress,
like a volcano ready to blow,
you life becomes even more stressed,
what does it take to become …
what is the point in being accepted,?
at work we are always someones slave,
and in life we are just nameless pawns,
looking at the big picture,
in this endless, huge universe,
it is hard to think positively,
when banana skins are found on the stairs,
and you see everything so sceptically,
no use in shouting why me!,
or something loud and rude,
no use in writing something anti, anti, anti
unless you like being sued,
sometimes the message is hard to see,
you may have to decipher what it says,
drinking tea to read the tea leaves,
follow your heart to exit the maze,
for somewhere deep down in the water,
or up in the murky, misty sky,
there is a reason and an answer to your question,
just don’t bother to insist on the why!

© D.Hobson April 2014