the falcon twists and turns above the town,
maybe that is how it got its name Girifalco,
riding the wind brought inland from the sea,
high as Mount Covello, observing you and me,
majestically clothed in feathers colourful,
grace and charm in flying, wonderful,
in ancient times circling above towers,
passing from church to temple,
today this bird flees from human intervention,
the wind turbines and hunters and storms,
once sat upon the ruins of a destroyed church,
brought to earth by gods fury,
earthquakes once destroyed this habitat,
as the wars did a long time before,
now the falcon sits on satellite dishes,
still wisely looking and sad at what he sees,
the rugged land of Calabria,
more poisoned than before,
the falcon flies in polluted skies,
between the castle of Squillace and home,
watching the ant like humans hustle,
following orders from the far away Rome,
the falcon heard on the grape-vine,
that life in Calabria is far better than the north,
where pollution is higher and the sun shines little,
here he can spread his wings in the warm air,
what a sight to see a life form so fragile and brittle,
we worship you just like the cats on the ground,
you are the life force of this little Calabrian town,
you gave us your name, and you protect us,
we should learn to preserve your species more,
but we built giant wind turbines,
to interrupt and block your flight path,
forgive us for our mistakes and ignorance,
most of the time we only think of ourselves,
we only think of money which will be lost over time,
but you the falcon, always there ,always in flight,
ancestor of the original falcon, who nested here,
so long ago, history reflects the same mistakes,
the land limps from one war to another,
death rides on the wind, chaos at play,
humans are ridiculous they see no other way,
so forgive us for killing you by mistake or by plan,
don’t take it against me because I am a man,
I’ve written you a poem to show who you are,
you are a living god, and friendlier by far,
so falcon, my friend, my beacon,
continue to twist and turn over this town,
the population is better than most elsewhere,
you have a good home to be proud of,
and we wish we could always be there.

© D.Hobson April 2014