your hard-earned work,
is now ready for display,
sweat and tears spent,
time to have a great day,
but for every pat on the back,
a nasty unprovoked attack,
from jealous undeserving people,
whose only creation is destruction,

that all the others have planted,
from the green shoots of envy,
no matter if you’re a poet,
or an in form , on a high pop star,
there is always someone waiting,
to fire arrows in your direction,
even when you’ve done nothing wrong,
paparazzi looking and searching,
leeches following and stalking,
waiting for an exclusive story,
want to bring a person down,
to earth with a bang,
reputation burnt for a mistake,
made by a human not a robot,
what do you expect when success,
burns your brain, puts you in a ring,
where everyone is baying for your blood.

for every success , a person shoots,
a glancing shot of despise,
a battle of the fiercest ,vilest animal ,
we can see it in your eyes,
in the ring of success and riches,
everyone else is baying for your blood,
as if you’re a slave,
going against the strongest gladiator, the press,
and the public are ready with thumb,
ready to point them down,
baying for your blood,
that you’ve poisoned with alcohol and drugs,
to stem the pain,
from all this bloody success,
you can’t buy yourself a pint of milk no more,
unless you want your mug shot,
plastered on the filthy free mags,
sold for gossip and handed out,
in the dirtiest, darkest, metro stop,
in the worst place for a person to be,
and a long way from where you started,
and a longer way from,
who you are now or was,
until you stepped willingly,
into the public eye,
into that fucking ring that’s square,
a million eyes chanting your name,
baying for your blood without a care,

with no escape from these spotlights,
you fold yourself up tight,
fear of opening your creative wings,
a paranoia of being set alight,
a million sets of fangs,
all waiting for one more bite,
ready to tear or taste flesh,
all in the name of entertainment on this dark night.

raise your head and take aim,
take the news on the chin my son,
show those bastards what’s your name,
be stronger than those who’ve fallen,
singers, princesses, designers and athletes,
too many fallen angels,
makes this world incomplete,
put down the bottle,
discard the needle,
forget the whores in cheap outfits,
the temptations of the feeble,
wipe the slate clean,
show the world you’re strong,
you can’t fall in that ring,
where the public bays for blood,
they would all watch you fall,
and not one hand will reach in,
and pull you out and save the day,

don’t expect them to save you,
you can only save yourself,
just remember who you are,
where you came from,
and remember why you’re here,
thought process turns back on,
and lights this blackened arena,
silence the critics,
with a show of force,
assume what you are,
don’t get of course,

whilst a million eyes shout,
and are baying for blood,
just shout back “not today”,
I’ve refound my life,
I’m not going down that way,
in honour of all persons fallen,
in debt or drink or despair,
I choose to raise above you all,
that are baying for my blood,
in recent years you have feasted,
on stars and innocent no one’s,
dedicated to the sorry souls,
who have committed suicide on-line,
because their classmates deemed them surplus.
to their pathetic requirements,
baying for blood through a computer screen,
a victim gone so young in their teens,

so be yourself, ignore what they say,
fight back the tears, live another day,
the world bays for blood,
fallen rock star or tattooed teen,
the whole world is fucked up,
this sorry mess is obscene,
too many fallen,
too many tears,
don’t let more blood fall in vain,
keep that nectar in your veins,
no use in succumbing to the masses,
who don’t know where their ass is,
until they shit themselves in fear,
and find no one wants to be near,
and they in turn find themselves in the ring,
under the spotlight and blinded,
with old friends that are baying for their blood,
memories are short, favours forgotten,
lifestyles now twisted, life is so rotten,
only then will you understand,
what it means to be crueller than cruel,
stop now,
stop baying for someone’s blood.

© D.Hobson April 2014