hello friends, not wrote something like this for a few weeks, so I’d thought I would say hello and obviously I am here to thank everyone for following me and being patient with me.
I have got lots of ideas in my head I just have to get them written down somewhere, I will find myself sometime when I have some energy.
this week we have learned that the worlds press do not give a shit about incidents that they deem inappropriate , only after social media pushed the plight of the missing girls did the worlds press start giving space to that news, why? we the people want the news for the people not the same political bullshit or, royal tour or pop star bollocks , we do not care, we want human rights issues on the front page, we want to support the fight against countries who are oppressing their people and neighbours.
Nigeria , Ukraine and Tibet, I have learnt more on twitter this week about these issues than in the worlds press.

well the weekend is coming and hopefully I will be writing and finishing lots of poems, so please check out my older poems, the poem explosions for example, a long poem dedicated to the people who follow me, the information is based on facts and real life events, so I am offering you historical facts bound in a poetry tissue. I find it hard to write a poem of 16 lines, is that odd?


well shipmates I hope you have a great weekend, continue to promote me with shares and comments, and share the news coming out of Nigeria, Ukraine and Tibet.


Darren and Elisa.