where can I take you today,
grim tales all the way?
between cobwebs and dirty windows,
we spy on the underworld,
the green demon has a red jack,
it is learning cards the hard way,
the ghoul is the jack of trades,
he cheats his mates all day,
and the ghost has a see through personality,
and the vampire is weighing up his immortality,
forgetting to hold up his hand of cards,
and the Jekyll chuckles,
as he wins the round,
and the fiends drink freely,
spirits of every taste and size,
killing time on the dead side,
waiting until someone dies,
the all seeing eye spies us,
peering in on the underworld,

to run away,
got to save,
our asses,
live another day,

all hell breaks loose,
and the other side,
between cobwebs and dirty windows,
door creaks open with a bang,
as we smell evil,
from the devils select gang,

to get,
the fuck away,
but slow,
got to keep,
some breathe,
for the escape,
let me tell you bout that…

fiends come running,
others are slipping and sliding,
whilst the ghosts take shortcuts,
through the walls,
moans and screams and chains rattling,
we smell death on the breeze,
can we save ourselves,
can we save the day,
we forgot to read the good book,
on talking to the enemy,
chapter 13 on the dead no good gang,
from hell they were set free,
as chaos gets more chaotic,
our legs are tired from running,
from nowhere to somewhere,
time out I shout,
and the beasts of the underworld,
they all stop dead,
thank you young man says the demon,
I was getting out of breath,
well not that I breathe like you,
well you know what I mean,
anyway kids nice to haunt you,
but it is time to get back to our den,
as night is almost over,
and our drinks are getting warm,
and we left the women behind,
so you know how they worry so much,
when their drunken partners,
nip out for a bite,
so off to bed you spying humans,
you got what you wanted,
and you got a good fright,
but it is time for us to turn around our asses,
and head back to our cobwebs,
and dirty windows.
and with that the hells angels and devils galore,
turned around back to where they came from,
less frantic, more talkative,
where screams and moans replaced by chit-chat,
the vampire now turned into a gothic bat,
and we was left somewhere behind,
in the cold of the night,
our hearts still racing,
from a hellish fright,
stood frozen in this winter night,
cannot believe what has occurred,
we was just a game to these fiends,
how about that for a grim tale.
how absurd.
bed is calling as dawn breaks,
time to get warm and to eat,
somehow we saved our asses,
well mate, see you next week?

© D.Hobson May 2014