a little white spider,
kissed Elisa on the nose,
today, Sunday, another day,
the little gray cat,
is full of herself,
as she is on the cover,
of my e-book,
that the whole world,
could read,
today, Sunday, just another day,
the cat did not kiss Elisa,
she is to stray for that,
only the older cat called Timido,
will accept a stroke or two,
yesterday, Saturday, summer day,
in the bar run by Dino,
his kids kissed Elisa yesterday,
affectionate for her,
they cannot wait,
for Saturday, yesterday, another day,
we woke up today,
had a little lay in as it is sunday,
I played a game on my smart phone,
Elisa read the second novel,
of Christiane F, the german,
we bought it yesterday, saturday,
just another day,
today for lunch we will prepare,
rise and curry with chicken,
washed down with red wine,
relaxing, writing and studying,
today, Sunday, just another day,
I hope the spider that kissed Elisa,
would bring us some good luck,
so Elisa can pass her exams,
and someone reads my e-book,
maybe today, Sunday, just another day,
the cat lies in the sun,
hot today,
the spider has got lost in our bed,
we will change the sheets today,
Rob Zombie and Piero Pelu,
scream out of our stereo,
Today, Sunday just another day .
(c) Darren Hobson June 2014