Hello everyone,
if you have been good boys and girls you would know that my adventure into the publishing world is getting more exciting every day.
I do not promote myself as the best poet or indeed the best person on this fragile earth, but I am pushing my work out into the chaos that is the internet, and now into eBook territory .
I have not published much poetry here lately on WordPress due to the fact I am writing poetry exclusively for my eBooks, I have written a couple of teasers here and that is all.
regarding my eBooks, I have currently four in my name, as follows:-

Just for free

this is a teaser eBook, it is also free and is available on most online bookstores, Amazon, Itunes  etc.


Introduction baby

this is another free teaser eBook available on bookrix, and is a preview of my fourth eBook


Just… (the beginning)

This is my first full length eBook, it is full of old poetry, new poetry, exclusive poetry and also a few photos added into the mix, it costs 1.99 euros, and should be online very soon!

Pushing My Luck.

This is my fourth eBook, there are 36 pages of spicy poetry and is the bridge between Just and my fourth eBook which is currently being finished! The cost of this 1.99 euros.

please feel free to share my work and poetry to everyone.
I will send you all an update when my final two books are available on-line.
thanks for all your support!