When you feel strange,
Words do not ring true,
The brain is in the dog house,
And the heart is blue,
Your voice quiet and screaming,
You stare but into empty space,
You feel alarmed like in an earthquake,
You feel so out-of-place,

Englishman living abroad,
New language not yet mastered,
Points of view confused in translation,
Better not to say any more Italian,
Just write the rage,
You feel the same,
Words blocked in toilet language,
Vocal chord sprained on misplaced beer bottle,
Hallucinating from severe changes of temperature,
Scratching as insects state their case on your arms,
As summer insists it is not yet ready to appear,
Lightening flashing behind empty eyes,
Thunder echoing on your freakish mind,
Tongue twisting, tornado seeking,
Back smashing, car scratching ,
Feel it,
Sense it,
Retweet it,
Gobble it down again,
Mind games,
Mind gone,
On its knees,
In a final swan song,
Feel it,
Free it,
Let out the rage
Turn the page,
Underline the facts,
Feel free to listen,
Stop the bullshit,
As the fog starts to glisten,
From dew in the morning freshness,
Misty introduction to the day,
Words don’t fit anymore,
In this world where words are unread,
No matter what you say,
Topics are sore,
Poetry is dead,
Never been so much alive!
Feel free to cancel,
The words or phrases,
You do not want to understand,
Block out negative impulses,
Of poetry flares exploding,
From this central poet that is hot as the sun,
And when gravity gets you down,
And hail and frogs are raining all around,
And you slip and slide on vicious lies,
And inspirational people start to die,
And the music scene that means so much to you,
Is stolen and dressed up in commercialism,
And the road to our middle ages,
Is a roller coaster ride into the deepest chasm,
And the food you cooked has lost its taste,
And everything you do seems to be a waste,
Of fucking time,
You feel,
You need,
To rest,
To stop,
But from what?
All this time you was slicing yourself apart,
When loved ones around you ,
Ae running around with sellotape,
And staples and needle and thread,
All the king horses are my friends so dear,
Thank you Elisa for being near,
And all the kings men are putting me together again,
And the storm in my soul was just a hole,
It was just a passage to the other side,
Where the waters are deeper and calmer,
And the bad weather will let me rest,
And take my breath
So I can feel once more,
The love I have all around,
The towel is mine,
It is by my side,
It is wrapped around me,
Embracing my passion,
Inflicting pain,
But this towel is going nowhere,
I am not throwing anywhere,
Today I feel,
Most of all,
The love for Elisa,
Need to grow strong,
Keep breathing,
Keep feeling
Keep living,
Keep loving,
Treat Elisa,
To an ice cream,
Stop screaming,
Keep dreaming,
Keep feeling!
© D.Hobson June 2014