So far, Suffer,
So long farewell,
It was hard getting here,
Now it is hell,
Lazier not brighter,
Easier not lighter,
Trip on your brain,
Cut corners in a maze,
Unwanted fads just a craze,
Enough to drive you insane,
So far, So suffer,
Bye bye, tranquility,
Say ciao to agony,
So quick so tainted,
Lack of vitamins the reason you fainted,
Shopping once a week,
Freezer full of preservatives,
Evolution back step,
Half eaten food in the bin,
Growing food to throw away,
Don’t know what you are really eating,
Time to kiss goodbye to fast food,
And a welcome return to slow,
Veg cooked with vapour,
More vitamins are in the flow,
Fruit with less gloss,
Veg without pesticides,
Sweeter, tastier produce,
That won’t rot out insides,
Dump the microwave in the garage,
Peel the spuds yourself,
Don’t worry if your carrot is sagging,
Or your melons have gone soft!
So far we have suffered,
Time to turn back the clock,
Time to buy local made produce,
Time to visit the local shop,
Fresh bread and just picked peas,
More smaller, more juicy oranges please,
Not mountains of rotting fruit,
Loaded by truck and transported for miles,
Dumped in the infested shopping centre,
And with its mouse shit in the aisles,
So , so long suffering,
We’ve returned to slow cooking,
Homemade lasagna and cottage pie,
Enough minerals and vitamins,
To make you wide-eyed and high!
© D.Hobson June 2014