it is very easy telling everyone I have written poetry for over 20 years, and some of my poetry was published in some anthologies.
I did also explain that a lot of these poems were lost over time, but today I found a list of poems I have had published in the period up to 2004.
I share that list with you, obviously some more poems were published since then. First is the title of the poem then the anthology

  1. Running River / the cream of the north-west.
  2. Dream State Zoo / poet’s retreat.
  3. sick society / poetic justice
  4. teeny bopper love / young at heart
  5. what’s out there? / our psychic world
  6. crying on / treasured memories
  7. criminal justice bill / have your say
  8. 2 rd / road rage
  9. the killer punch of a feather / thunderstruck
  10. a day to behold / news at ten
  11. children bah humbug / spring thoughts
  12. lies and cyanide / love everlasting
  13. proud in misery / poetry now book of rhyme 2000
  14. 1996 (sick of murder) / revealing words
  15. romance is a dying art / chasing shadows
  16. the question is will good or evil win? / a summer’s breeze
  17. woeful tales / catch the sunshine
  18. at last.. / poetic rhythms
  19. if I change the world today… / never hold time
  20. how can I love this world… / where your thoughts take you
  21. tragedy in molise / shadows in the sunshine
  22. … to throw it all away / prisms of light
  23. the pleasure is mine / rhyming verse
  24. closed doors / inspirations from the heart
  25. what’s the point / my reason for being
  26. light my way / evolutions of time
  27. time’s so slow / verses of a poetic kind
  28. twisted paranoid worms / time is the essence
  29. before I lose control / collected thoughts
  30. mountains / celebrations in words
  31. ss148 via pontina / connections of life
  32. the maggots inside / shadows in the sunshine
  33. endless days / thoughts in verse
  34. virus / awakening the soul
  35. all hope lost / the truth from the game
  36. can I ask you a serious question / inspirations from the heart
  37. fantasies don’t breed memories / memories within
  38. fragments / tide of thoughts
  39. selling movies doesn’t came cheap / life’s a game
  40. the push and pull of friendship / on life’s way

all anthologies published by poetry now 1996 up until 2004.
like I said there are other poems floating somewhere in the internet, “sunset in Rome ” is one of these. Most of the above poems were destroyed due to the fact they are rubbish but that is another story!
now you have more background on my poetic past!