#poetry #justthebeginningpoetry I wrote an eBook and it is called just the beginning, it is full of poetry and photos and introduces me and Elisa to the world. The book is mainly an autobiography and it introduces everyone to the main characters and locations. I have divided the book into chapters one about my love for Elisa, another for the cats another for Italy.the poems are never short and are very descriptive I don’t look for fancy words on the internet I use the words I already know, so my poems are easy to read and easy to digest.
The eBook is available on your local amazon store and also Barnes and noble, just search my name for my eBook list.
There is also a preview eBook called just for free, which is free for all to download, which has the same type of poems within its virtual covers.
So what is your excuse for not buying it.
Remember this is just the beginning.