#poetry #ebooks I am not a salesman that is why I am no good at selling, I think I am a poet, well the way I write seems like I am, my poetry is not traditional , I did not get a degree in word expression before I started writing, I do not have all the boxes ticked to be a classic poet, but I am here, I have found a small grim corner where not many people pass by, I am on the outside looking in, I have upset people for trampling on their beliefs , but hey I am here I might as well stay, if you have not read my poetry then how can I describe it, at times thoughtful,sometimes playful, I use normal daily words so my verse is understood by the down to earth people who I can relate to, even though I love tea and scones I am largely a pint of bitter and a packet of crisps man, I could listen to Beethoven but what I really need is classic slayer or cannibal corpse to get my mind moving, I am not everyone’s cup of tea, but I pride myself on being truthful and I believe in justice, and if my friends see no harm in what is happening in the middle east were innocent women and children are being slaughtered on a daily basis in Syria, Iraq and Palestine, my friends say we should not bother in reading the news of this murder, and that it does not concern them, and if my same friends post violent images of fatal accidents in india and then write they deserve to die, then they are no friends of mine!!!
sorry I sort of can side track there for a moment, I want to speak out against oppression bullying and other vile acts of inhumanity that this world seems to be full of, gun crime, drug related incidents rape and torture should not be allowed to grow in our garden of hope.
I just want everyone to live in harmony no matter what their beliefs are, there is no future in violence. sometimes these ideas trickle into my poetry, as well as corruption, mafia and ignorance.
then I return with the dancing cats to calm everyone down and laugh a little, remember folks this is just the beginning!