nothing is predicted,
the dice cannot be corrupted,
we can never foresee our futures,
too many random factors,
in an equation too long to digest,
too many people interacting,
with mother nature wild at best,
life spins a strange path,
we take too many risks,
we must await our fate,
we should lower our probabilities,
before it is too late,
life can be wonderful but we are fragile,
we can meet our maker in a blink,
and every eventuality we planned for,
does not matter one bit,
while life spins a strange path,
like a spider rebuilds its web after a storm,
there are factors that we did not see coming,
that could eradicate our pretty existence,
too many tragic tales too many accidents,
humans over-confident delve into stupidity,
we fly too high and reach too far,
succumbing to the elements to strong and overpowered,
life spins a strange path,
and we wish upon a star,
a rocket full of deadly fuel,
can transport you there,
and if the volatile fuel does not ignite,
then hope you have enough air for the ride,
can you withstand the loneliness of space,
and the mediocre food to survive,
so next time wish on something closer,
a loved one next to you,
someone who means the world to you,
but who is not in the next universe,
lower your aim ,
life is too complicated already,
don’t rock the boat keep it steady,
let life weave its strange path,
just keep your eyes on the long road,
keep close to your values,
be glad to be at home!

©Darren Hobson July 2014