Soldier, military, pawn,
droid, brainless, pathetic,
born natural,
grown by parents,
fed by military propaganda,
working for the government,
force-fed lies.
feelings severed now numb,
stopped caring for who dies,
how can you kill,
an innocent,
a person fighting to survive,
fighting without weapons,
that uses combat every day,
so desperate in searching for food,
that is fit for human consumption,
the daily grind of being alive,
getting through the day with pride,
a painful way to survive,
being poor is someone elses fault,
when opportunities are so low,
placed in a war zone without rights,
nowhere to hide and nowhere to go,
so the military knocks on your roof,
with an empty shell of a missile,
a ten minute warning, get out now,
save your lives if you can.
and CNN show the breaking news,
but only because the video is of high quality,
the plight of the victims isn’t the news,
the journalist cannot speak of the defunct family,
maimed, killed, slaughtered,
unarmed, unprotected, under fire,
another list is made,
another three figured number,
victims, nameless and forgotten,
western politics so rotten,
they think of tuna salad,
a charity event an old age ballet,
soldier follows the rules,
barcoded, cloned, shoot to kill,
another thrill, another crime,
another rape, just another bully,
fucking brute.
just overspill from a reset hunter,
all crimes will be annulled,
cover up all the fuck ups,
of the innocent lives culled,
your out of control boys ,
just puppets of the military might.
tasteless, senseless and full of shite,
they are judge and the jury,
all high on testosterone and volatile fury,
their government blows a neighbourhood away,
and the loyal soldier rapes the survivors,
and when the disgraced soldier is sent home,
he gets work as security in a supermarket,
raping your neighbours
maybe in Israel or downtown L.A.,
ignored by the police because he is a hero,
he fought your wars for you,
but you and I we did not start no wars,
so let us send these scumbags to jail.
with all the other rapists and murderers

.©Darren Hobson July 2014

note :- the scum soldier is only a very small part of the army before any gets offended, anyone who commits a crime in anyway or form should be punished accordingly .