papers running out,
and the pen is leaking,
it is sunday morning,
and Elisa is studying,
breakfast done and dusted,
too early for a Sunday,
the sun is shining hot,
the dancing cats hide in the shade,
sitting writing , uploading,
trying to get things done on time,
cleaning up and writing down,
while Elisa studies all the time,
and when there is no more paper,
and no more studying to do,
we will have all the time in the world,
to get out of this place,
eat pizza in some nearby piazza,
having a drink or two,
seeing picturesque panoramas,
like the lake near Nemi for one,
we could be found in Florence or in Calabria,
dining out and winding down,
castles and monasteries to explore,
me and Elisa always want more,
but today is sunday,
I’ve got to write some more,
Elisa is now making super strong coffee,
and dripping it across the kitchen floor,
looks like I’m washing the floor later,
but first I’m going to take you all,
on some old poetic ride,
come on pack some water and get by my side,
grim tales or oriental studies,
ghost and goblins or Angkor Wat,
dancing cats or monkeys in the forest,
supernatural or Asian history,
it is all coming to one now,
mixing blood and water,
we have beasts and beauty here,
Sunday morning writing and studying.

.©Darren Hobson July 2014