words taste better as we get old,
we can choose our words carefully,
we can paint images with words,
our palate is well stocked,
vibrant and descriptive,
straight to the point,
projecting happiness to a waiting army,
hungry for the next recipe,
a soup of letters that spells danger,
colourful words underlined,
raw uncut delicate situations,
pornography for the mind,
every word creates a new story,
everyday a new path,
we can paint like never before,
online or by word of mouth,
spreading the word like spreading a disease,
you can hear it coming on the morning breeze,
and the muse has been kind to you,
and has delivered a four course meal,
delicately hanging in creative space,
with added dilemma and super sexy appeal,
words make good listening,
and words can bring hope,
words can send the kids to sleep,
words can climb the highest slope,
words are drugs for the wise,
who inject wisdom everyday,
words can light up desperate times,
giving hope in a world of dismay!

.©Darren Hobson July 2014