Many moons ago,
two asteroids collided,
from two different galaxies,
and they found gravity together,
there were storms and wars,
and outbreaks of calm,
but after all these months,
they have come to no harm,
head string beasts they are,
coming from origins, so far,
away from anything they could believe,
when they were at school,
different cultures and different seas,
different ways of completing the day,
and when love floated in on the breeze,
they seized the opportunity without delay,
and sometimes he cannot understand all her paranoia,
and the way her mind is in such a mess,
she does not understand how difficult it is,
to keep himself alive amongst all his distress,
when life is overpowering and too hard,
he may not see so far into the future,
how can he deliver all his promises,
if the daily grind is getting in the way,
maybe he thinks he is too difficult to control,
maybe he is getting worse as he is getting old,
but for all the frustrations he has on his plate,
he still loves the fatusella, his Calabrian mate,
for everything negative he throws into the mix,
she comes around and irons out the sticks,
shows her love and puts him back on track,
soothes his heart before he has a heart attack,
and after five years have passed,
the road has only begun,
we still have an eternity to pathe,
and many more battles need to be won,
while the stress and the grind of daily life,
means walking on a razors edge,
we should put down all nagging knives,
and pathe our lives with sponge,
as we look back and see,
so many treasured memories,
lots of trips to different places,
meeting up with different faces,
there may be pain and misunderstanding,
but now we are a tight knit war machine,
baring teeth to all who try to destroy us,
maintaining our course onward and clean,
so five years for some is a life time,
me and the fatusella are just getting started,
we will clash and we will kiss,
but the muse from Calabria deep in my heart,
the ride has just got better,
we ride into the sunset,
waiting together for more adventures,
not shy of making hard decisions,
thanking each other for these five years,
tied together forever,
battling life’s stormy weather,
rocking and rolling onwards forever more,
five years beaten, here is for plenty more.

©Darren Hobson July 2014