in time,
we will see,
what was,
meant be,
and the mists,
of ignorance,
are pushed,
to the shores,
to fear,
no more,
and all,
that we see,
in time,
becomes clear,
where peace,
strikes again,
cleansing us,
of fear,
and all,
this time,
in words,
once confused,
in a time,
once amazed,
that become
just a maze,
where feelings
were destroyed,
in time
where erased,
all of my,
were left,
so in time
we will see,
what all,
this meant ,
to be,
being alive,
on an overpopulated,
and in time,
the humans,
will be more,
growing everywhere,
whatever for,
food in rations,
feelings unheard,
an existence,
or just survival,
a life absurd,
and in time,
we will see,
if we survive,
you and me,
through bullshit,
and poverty,
struck down,
like a plague,
and in time,
it all becomes clear,
a trap,
in time,
and in time ,
we will see.