Peace is such a well-known word, it is easy to spell, we have signs and symbols and flags depicting it, so why is peace so far from modern life?
some things we need to reflect upon we cannot stop a war in a foreign country if we ourselves start a war in our local supermarket, you know getting angry with someone who jumps the queue, getting mad because our favourite yogurt is not on display or just getting frustrated because some old dear will not shift her ass!
it seems that our whole lives are based on conflict, from disputes at school and clashes at college, we go to work and we still get bullied and hassled by the people we should be looking up to.
obviously there is a lot of hate spewing out of our television sets and the social media is full of cyber idiots waiting to bring you down.
I hold my hand up and say I get frustrated very quickly, I am a loose cannon and I shout and have many tantrums, if there was a switch on my neck to turn off these rages then I would use it straight away.
so how can we change 500 years of evolution of running around like headless chickens, getting stressed in every moment and every aspect of your day? we need to take time out, we need to distress ourselves and not in the usual way of having a fag or a quick pint or worse still buying something white and that is not Persil!
we need to make a cultural u-turn to survive, there is so much wrong with this world, the social interaction that once was is never more.
if we all find away to be peaceful with ourselves, finding positive aspects in who we are, then we can interact better with people around us. that in turn makes society a sweeter place to be.
I just wish it was just that simple, I wish I could be at peace with myself.
I hope everyone supports peace one day.

let me know what you think.