Wednesday evening february,
home quicker than usual,
some tails are wagging near my house,
somebody is getting hungry,
kiss the wife, I am home,
but first I have to feed the cats,
out the door again,
around the corner,
into the workshop under our home,
first up for the interview,
knocking on the green door,
our curious stray cat called Tigrotta,

jan2013 411
always hungrier than before,
evening human how are you,
I am hungry if you didn’t know,
so get that can of beef opened quickly,
before it starts to snow,
but I replied it is too warm,
even though it is mid winter,
there is only a little risk of rain,
so your outdoor life is a little easier,
the cat replied with a devilish smile,
well you are ok, you have central heating,
you was ill for ten days,
for coming outside in the cold wind,
so you do not know what you are saying,
so Tigrotta I said , what is the news,
do you know where Sgrida went?
the cat replied, well cats are cats,
and we might have nine lives,
but they can easily all get used up,
being a stray living by the road,
then burst in another cat,
looking quite annoyed,

jan2013 418
here , here, mister long beard,
nice to hear you talk,
but I have better fish to fry,
so come on stop your squawking,
well do you Schizzo, what do you need to do,
that has ruffled your feathers so much,
the cat replied listen buddy do not be smart,
I have a lot of jumping and running,
and flea scratching to do,
so I cannot wait too long,
listening to a tramp like you,
hmmm I said I know what you do,
I saw you flirting with Bellicapelli,
that male cat with the long hair,
you could not stop your love talking,
Schizzo replied, well that is none of your business,
what I do and who with or where,
just get that can of tuna opened,
before I scratch off all your hair,
then arrived Piccola the smallest,
shyest less talkative cat,

jan2013 417
please sir I do not want to intrude,
do not think I am being so rude,
but I really would like a few nibbles to eat,
so please can you open that can of rabbit,
I do not want to wait for the rain to come,
so hurry purple face,
got on with your chores,
to which I did with a sigh,
I had to choose which can to open,
beef or tuna or even rabbit,
this feeding thing has got into a habit,
all these watching eyes ready to pounce,
on all the little bit of food I have to give,
I just hope it gives the cats a reason to live,
after emptying the can of cod and peas,
I watch the cats gobble down food,

cat that shouts, sgrida where are you?

jan2013 425
no more words pass before their teeth,
it was as if I no longer existed,
no more use for me, my job is done,
three cats are in a feeding frenzy,
turning now to interview Schiaffo,
who was hidden beneath a van,

jan2013 426
I said old buddy hurry up,
before those three eat all the can,
no reply from the cat,
he gets angry when a take his photo,
of all the cats that pass by here,
he is the one with less pictures,
home now, I notice Mistero,
sat on the chicken coop wall,

jan2013 407
poor cat is not allowed near,
or else he will get a paw in the face,
Mistero with his black, black fur,
poor rascal it is not fair,
it seems he has caught some eye infection,
I hope he gets better soon,
time now to leave my friends to prowl,
in the soon to rise winter moon,
thank you friends for meowing your thank you s,
yep this time I am only joking,
as my mind wanders to our lost Sgrida,
I sure hope she is still living.

thanks to all the cats who took part in this interview,
and to all the cats worldwide, I hope you are all safe and well
Darren and Elisa

©D.Hobson February 2014