there was a time,
in anyones,
fragile youth,
when clones are not clones,
when muscles still had not grown,
younger than the rest,
brittle in all senses,
no dress sense,
hair with no style,
or maybe a little ,
fuller around the middle,
so what,
so why, bully?am I your punch bag,
to use,
so you can drain,
all your insecurities,
punching me?
are you the hero,
we are made to believe,
are you jealous,
of all the good grades,
I got ?
whilst you fell,
into the class below,
you are going to work,
in a backstreet cafe,
earning shit,
me the bullied,
I’m going to see the world,
when you sit in your council flat,
in another bleak inner city,
your punches punched me,
onto better things,
your detention did not last,
just for that hour,
it is a life time,
no good came of you,
blinded by ignorance,
just one of the boys?
you are rotting away,
have a nice life!

for who is bullied,
don’t take it to heart,
a lot of us have survived,
and climbed mountains high,
looking down on the world below,
who is going to bully you now,
take the negativity,
a bully strikes onto you,
build a bridge with this atrocity,
making a better you,
open your wings and fly,
you are far too young to die,
real life or cyber bullies,
will make your life a misery,
but this is today and gray,
tomorrow the sun will shine gloriously,
on you and your friends,
this is why you should carry on,
leave those hard days behind,
I know the road is long and hard,
it will drive you out of your mind.
I know it, I’m a survivor,
I still have a few scars here and there,
but I’m living my life to the full,
come on and join me here,

underline, I underline,
we need you,
to survive, to be alive,
to get through this,
lay down the drugs,
and say no to self-inflicted wounds,
don’t drink your liver dead,
breath in slow and use your head,

bullied for being ugly,
or just for being too pretty,
being too skinny or a little bit,
bouncy around the tummy,
you may be in love with the same,
sex as you but who cares,
too rich or maybe too poor,
maybe you have a body odour problem,
too spotty or just too snotty,
the bully has a list of victims,
remember though nobody is perfect,
that is what makes us human,
we have defects, that is alright,
we have all love in our hearts,
that is what gets us through the night.

the bully has problems too,
its insecurities is the reason,
it is picking on you,
it takes two to tango,
I just wanted you to know,
for every insult thrown your way,
payback will come for it,
in a super huge way,

we need you to survive,
no matter how much tears you’ve cried,
grit your teeth, take it in on the chin,
one day my friend, you will win.

I’ve survived, I’m still alive,
now it is your turn ,
to use your blind eye,
the corner is coming,
for you to use and turn into,
be strong you are not alone,
come and join us in the future,
you will be laughing,
and underlining,
watching the bully,
in detention,
in his 8 bit ways,
a fly in a web,
for the rest of its days

©D.Hobson October 2014