Friends, I am still learning the ropes at indie publishing, my e-book Just only sold 2 copies, obviously the cover art did not help, so I wanted to add something better, after waiting 4 weeks for the publisher to accept my changes, I pulled the plug on it.
Why should I wait 4 weeks to update my book when using other channels I can do the same thing in 48 hours??
So I changed publisher, this means I have changed almost everything, the title of the book, the layout, I even found some more errors! The biggest change is at this moment in time, Just is now a paperback book, it has 134 pages in it, I have tried to squash it all together so there is less blanks everywhere.

If you want to buy it today, then here is the link, if you want to buy it from amazon then it should be available within 3 working days.
I hope the cover art is more to your liking!
Thanks for reading have a great weekend!