remember every word we ever say,
remember every word ever write,
can change the world,
in a small insignificant way,
the sum of all parts,
is bigger than one machine,
when a 1000 ants clap together,
its workload is so obscene,
one droplet of water,
does not make an ocean,
but every single part is needed,
to make the whole picture,
a pixel makes a TV picture,
a bolt connects up the cylinder head,
a person makes up the population,
a birds feather makes your bed,
so do not be afraid,
to use your voice today,
because one word starts a landslide,
choose wisely what you have to say,
the power of the people,
should not be downsized,
a million people can overturn a government,
if they all speak in the same tune,
voters vote, counters miscount,
government is elected by error,
obviously they had nothing to do with that,
so people of the world unite,
even though we speak in different tongues,
let’s put our peaceful on one single plate,
let’s us get to work on the world’s wrongs,
setting aside corruption,
let’s put to bed pathetic wars,
let the dividing line we have be dissolved,
so we are all equal one by one,
and when we are equal as we should be,
all our voices will have the same power,
and we will all preach unity.

©darren hobson october 2014