it is that time of year,
where black cats are in demand,
and are seen advertising themselves in the escort pages,
for just one dark cold night,
those ugly brutes at school,
can breathe easily for just one day,
12 months of being tormented by bullies,
now revenge is sort in every way,
and the TV repeats the same old films,
yes they are great but a bit worn out,
we know the scripts off by heart,
still better than the new stuff without a doubt,
and in the end it is another american festival,
stolen from dark and damp folklore,
americans have made it commercial and colourful,
too many gothic Disney films on show,
the real horror stories are on the news,
sadly they are no special effects,
what we see is cruel and barbaric,
and sicker every single day,
On this Halloween we should be traditional,
remembering the ancient meaning of the day,
we should remember our loved ones,
who have passed on to somewhere else,
On this Halloween we hope,
that not a single drop of blood will fall,
too many people are living a horror story,
too many have had a bad wake up call,
a lot of people have lost love ones,
Mothers, sons, fathers and daughters,
In the ark of the last 12 months,
this is the day to remember them with affection,
in the hope we will be stronger,
and the sense and urgency to carry on,
some people at this moment in time,
are fighting horrible diseases,
family suffering in trepidation,
every time someone sneezes,
some people have had their lives,
turned completely and utterly upside down,
life brings torment in unexpectedly,
and people need hope to carry on,
so on this Halloween I bring to you,
a gift from deep with inside me,
a smile for you to make you stronger,
in the anguish that has been bestowed onto you,
so friends, be strong you are not alone,
in your fight in a cruel way of life,
your friends and family will be close to you,
in your darker days and seemingly endless strife,
a smile is not a cure for your woes,
but it is a light of a candle in the darkness,
a ray of hope for the good times that will come,
This Halloween, we will be all together as one.

© Darren Hobson 31 October 2014