nice to be beside,
but not just the seaside,
or being by the sea,
knowing a muse,
who can be,
part of me,
beside me,
two different races,
born in far away places,
forged by a destiny,
beside me,
now and forever,
some words are vile,
but in time.
they are swept away,
on that smaller pile,
some words are true,
like I love you,
even though I was born,
from hate,
and grown in negativity,
but that is history,
the future,
is beside me,
all the insecurities,
all the slaps and bruises,
thoughts of suicide,
a tortuous evil ride,
and now by my side,
is you,
a muse,
to love and to cherish,
negativity will perish,
and the doom clouds,
don’t come near,
hey you’ve got me drinking,
less beer,
a storm comes along,
now and then,
and swirls doubts into my mind,
as I was born unwanted,
grown and rejected,
bullied and infected,
with negativity,
but now that is history,
because you are here now,
beside me,
as I lay my demons to bed,
keeping death threats out of my head,
not going to Moor Lane,
to throw myself of those tower block flats,
as they don’t exist no more,
flattened, pulled down to the floor,
just like those thoughts in my mind,
a time when I was small and blind,
thoughts have changed and matured,
destinies realigned and assured,
changing tendencies as I changed countries,
more sunshine here I have changed my destiny,
and you are here beside me.

©Darren Hobson October 2014