I want to tell you a world-wide story,
where people use the world-wide web,
they see violence in another country,
but they don’t feel deep in regret,
no, they grow their beard,
and change to that religion,
believing that they are martyrs,
doing good for humanity,
or so they say, so they believe,
they have read all the facts on Wikipedia,
and all the other false social media,
where someone changes the facts and figures,
on a daily basis,
someone, somewhere, has extremist views,
they get free publicity on the evening news,
hacking off the heads of the innocents,
murderers, terrorists and loose screws,
so someone gets brainwashed ,
someone relays the news to other,
other idiots that are easily lead,
maybe oppressed in their daily lives,
maybe feeling like nothing,
in a long line of numbers,
they need to shout aloud,
awake themselves from their mundane slumber,
some of them are still at school,
armed to their teeth to shatter the rules,
and so another school tragedy,
more students in tears,
some parents are no longer parents,
they have only photos of a kid,
a victim another victim,
of a fanatic with twisted tactics,
other twisted idiots,
get a passport,
and travel to the middle east,
where promises have been made,
and all your dreams will come true,
but after a month of being blood bathed,
you want to run on home, don’t you?
you are going to die a murderer,
you will be buried without a grave,
you will have no home-coming ceremony,
this is what you get for being naive,
women fighting for the cause,
now young and pregnant, scared and scarred,
cannot return home to mummy,
because of all the innocents they have slain,
and a lone wolf cannot wait for Syria,
so he shoots a Canadian soldier dead,
panic in parliament for a while,
until that bastard was shot in the head,
until our love affair with guns,
and our flirting with total violence,
is embedded in our hearts,
the fanatics will always be in the news,
peaceful politics in foreign lands,
are a pipe dream withered in a manmade hell,
as Europeans and americans cause atrocities,
the extremists are laughing,
the very people they hate,
the very people they despise,
are fighting a winless war war for them,
they cannot believe their eyes,
ISIS and Al Qaeda sit in bunkers,
watching us fight each other,
sister killing sister, brother raping brother,
the world is turned on its head,
propaganda, social media, poisoned views,
they are headline first page news,
as the safely hidden extremists,
update their Facebook page,
the westerners fight amongst themselves,
in some strange sadistic rage,
they cannot see the bigger picture,
you are killing your own blood,
are you too fucked up to see that?
so we continue with tactics for fanatics,
countries historic now burn,
a thousand years of conflict evident,
when will we ever learn,
a rich mans dream, with an extremist idea,
a man-made hell is born,
destroying everything you love dear,
peace and history go up in smoke,
humanity looked on from a neutral ledge,
seems to be one big fucking joke.

©Darren Hobson October 2014