lane changed,
could be the bottle,
could be the pill,
could be all humanity,
that is making you ill,
losing concentration,
total frustration,
on the tip of your tongue,
bad aftertaste,

pity the bull,
taken by the horns,
pain in the ass,
caver and dog shit,
with a touch of class,
panic button,
duffle bag,
under funded,
white christmas,
red robin,
Disney bitches,
can’t stop robbing,
stop for a breather,
gasp for fresh air,
darkness goes deeper,
who wants to go there?

pack you night bag,
recharge your batteries,
don’t eat no more,
do you remember what you came for?

reality TV,
housewives pity,
husbands at work,
betting office,
debts grow,
tears flow,
addiction predicted,
prediction inflicted,
humanity without humans,
thinking out aloud,
judging the jury,
who were poorly,
chosen and woven,
rules were broken,
freedom for fighters,
jail for birds,
baited and breath,
good judgement left,
right before,
bewildered eyes,
this could,
take a day or two,
relax a little,
shut up shop,
buckle your belt,
wipe your nose,
crack your knuckles,
go of course,

so pack your bags,
and head to london town,
the cat has boots,
and the mouse has a frown,
when sense comes no more,
just remember what you came here for.

that is the price of the pudding,
the rice is picked by paddy,
sponged off someone else,
are you ready?
starters orders,
first course menu,
meat dish overcooked,
just deserts for you,
billed up,
and washed out,
pickled pizza all the rage,
without a doubt,
pathetic problems,
twisted ideas,
grim reaper suicidal,
with his arrears,
scythe of the sitcom,
comedy of errors,
rubber stamped,
one season failures,
fruit of the loom,
doom and decay,
sunburnt in november,
frostbitten in may,
upside down,
inside out,
fairground attraction,
scream and shout,
seats are buckled,
belt up lass,
welcome to hell,
nice to laugh,
daisy picking,
cider licking,
pomegranate pussy,
cat got the cream,
fell asleep at sea,
had a wet dream,
sailor housemaid,
punch drunk politician,
housewife head hunter,
bunny became a magician,
so delicate,
like my china,
how you doing son?
this way for fun,
bobbing up and down,
nude and revitalised,
night-time cats eyes,
swimming in the deep blue sea,
what do you think of me?
of the void between your ears,
some sense suddenly appears,
even more than before,
did you forget what you came for?

born and grown,
and educated,
learnt and burnt,
sexually frustrated,
employed, unemployed,
slave to the grind,
out of your mind,
rat race, mousetrap,
sunshine and thunder and clap,
aging, processing,
losing dignity,
getting old next to me,
before you know it,
dead and buried,
but did he forget what he came here for!

©Darren Hobson November 2014