it is the saddest day,
in all of time,
a hideous detail,
a horrendous crime,
when history is booked,
packed up and left,
subjected to ridicule,
we’re lifeless fools,
schools are empty,
of studies,
blank books,
fake fueled feelings,
nothing learnt,
nothing noted,
nothing read,
culture is dead.

not many understand,
not many speak,
only chat,
in a virtual world,
faceless people,
with no meaning,
no thought for history,
to ancient that shit,
we read to know the gossip,
high heels and short skirts,
Hadrian’s wall, church of england,
Norman fort or world war two,
just boring facts,
for the generation of today,
nothing can get in their head,
culture is dead.

and in the majestic of all cities,
a living museum wall to wall,
Rome was not built in a day,
now it is just a decrepit market stall,
because all the museums are closing,
and all the traditional bookshops too,
taxed to death and left to rot,
a place in history we forgot,
nothing will grow, nothing ahead,
darkest days as culture is dead.

only a few followers,
try to keep a heartbeat,
weak from trying,
in keeping culture alive,
photos burnt like jealous lovers,
ancient wedding rings lost,
destruction of ancient civilizations,
not yesterday but today,
no more history books encyclopedia,
no more honest detailed truthful media,
knowledge has been put to bed,
culture is absolutely dead.

©Darren Hobson November 2014