there is nothing better,
than a caffe guglielmo
in the morning,
strong and hot,
it hits the spot,
brings you back to earth,
with a smile,
all the bedroom wrinkles,
disappear somehow,

Girifalco with coffee!
Girifalco with coffee!

good old caffe guglielmo,
the muse loves it so much,
it reminds her of her homeland,
that way she keeps in touch,
she remembers the sun rising,
above the Ionian sea,
the still blue water to bathe in,
is not just a fantasy,
not too far from the beach,
where we lay in the summer months,
our friendly coffee factory sits,
busy working for us,
because when we go back home,
and under wet and winter skies,
just a taste of guglielmo,
will open up our eyes,
reminding us off Mount Covello,
and the trees swaying in the breeze,
a quick coffee after a healthy Calabrian meal,
to get you off your knees,
there is nothing better,
than a caffe guglielmo,
to remind you who you are,
it is the taste of Calabria,
the best coffee by far!

© Darren Hobson November 2014