it is down the pan,
could it? well it can,
all things dear to you,
all things learnt,
have gone up in smoke,
and oh so burnt,
all those algebra lessons,
and spliffs of poetry,
have no more meaning,
in this sick society,
where the rich are getting richer,
and sicker I might add,
and the poorer are getting poorer,
but still have an iPhone in their hand,
all down the pan,
the growth and prosperity,
of those sweet times back in 1960,
a failure of the system,
the rich are so glad,
this is the worst economic climate,
Europe has ever had,
even though Spain and Greece,
are both up shit creek too,
here are some words of truth,
just to prove to you,
we are all down the pan,
all the dithering politician,
are celebrating hard,
porn stars with silicon breasts,
and their gaping straits,
are joining the suited rich,
and everyone is wearing moncler coats,
made in the east of europe,
using feathers ripped from goose,
now bloodied and battered birds,
to decorate the politicians,
and the church is in attendance too,
tonight they are too busy to condemn you,
but they are still kissing the cross,
yes that one tattooed on the belly dancers arse,
and the priests tonight are going straight,
they are not abusing little boys tonight,
and they are all drinking French champagne,
eating caviar just shipped in,
their black limos made in Germany,
not buying nothing from their native Italy,
and no wonder everything is going down the pan,
this is no way to run a country,
nobody buys produce made in Italy,
even if it was not assembled here.
this is Italy,
where you can travel in a first class train,
666km from Naples to Milan,
in four hours of super comfort,
but try to travel a little 40km,
from one small town to Rome,
you will be lucky to arrive in one hour,
because only the rich cunts count,
and us workers and travellers not,
this place is going down the pan,
and that is a whole lot of shit,
and the poor people who are better off,
are the ones with a little land to sow,
hoping their plot of earth is not contaminated,
from illegal fly tipping everywhere,
in the inner cities the poor are looting bins,
just desperate to find a half eaten sandwich,
in the shadow of a new multimillion railway,
that will only take you smoothly to the north,
in the north there are more riches,
in the north they can work,
in the south they are forgotten,
by a dithering politician who enjoys to twerk,
and this whole place,
is going down the pan,
and at this moment,
it is such a bad place to be,
all the history and beauty,
all the fine food and fine folk,
cannot stop the demise of Italy,
due to some political joke,
and in some fortified villa,
where luxury cars are on the drive,
they spend their riches on foreign goods,
instead of trying to keep Italy alive,
the country roads have been washed away,
the farmer cannot get to his land,
the forests have been burnt to cinders,
and landslides are now in command,
debris falls from ancient monuments,
that were fixed temporary with some string,
in history and in the universities in general,
all we see is suffering,
we are just pleading for some common sense,
where in society the police keep the peace,
now innocent people are jailed and the police are murderers,
and the firefighters burn a forest down, just to get paid,
just when you thought you’ve hit a low spot,
not thinking you can get any lower,
you switch on your old TV,
and you cannot believe what they are saying,
another police “incident” ,
another person arrested and then murdered,
another mother and wife slaughtered,
her husband, the killer, committed suicide,
another dangerous person let free from prison,
just because his lawyer was famous and corrupt,
another small earthquake destroys houses,
because they were built incorrectly,
another motorway pile up,
because someone was on the phone,
on drugs, on drink, after a 24 hour shift,
this whole peninsular will be soon cut adrift,
a whirlpool has been spotted in the sea,
we are flushing away,
we are slurping and sliding,
finally fading and going away,
going down the pan.

© Darren Hobson November 2014