This poem is about the current scandal that is going on in Rome, for every immigrant coming to this area they should be paid upkeep every day, instead certain people have been pocketing the money while the immigrants live in squalor, an intercepted telephone call even states there is more money in trafficking immigrants than in drugs and whores, a lot of big names in politics are involved in this scandal which covers a lot of other mafia type activity, there seems no end in the corruption in all the roads that lead to Rome.

All the roads lead to Rome,
Cobble stoned streets,
Potholes everywhere,
Holes in the budget,
The news has led us here,
campidoglio heart of Rome,
The centre of the mafia,
Corruptions home,
Everyone wants a piece of the pie,
All the big suited boys,
Everyone eating together,
Ex-mayor and directors and mafia,
So if you put some money in my pocket,
I will put some taxpayers money in yours,
And as I am feeling kind today,
I am throwing in free, some underage whores,
Every public building,
Have holes in the budget,
Every public service,
Have cutbacks,
While the big boys spend your money,
On food and clothes and fine wine,
We are homeless and abandoned,
Welcome to Rome,

Where alemanno gets paid,
For every civil work planned,
A metro extension,
A centre of congress,
A new bus link,
The rubbish from your homes,
All goes into a big pile,
A mountain of cash to spend,
While the public pays,
While the city is in ruins,
The criminals rule the town hall,
The mafia pays the police,
Look the other way,
Earn some illicit pay,
We are too big to be caught,
Everyone crocked and bought,
Filthy fascsists in Romes town hall,
Where guns rule over pen,
An outbreak of normality,
Every now and then,
Every public service,
Is now under threat,
The crime lords are laughing at us,
As entities crash into debt,
One little tramp,
Preaching from the right,
Fascist bastard,
Mafia idiot by night,
Living the good life,
This scandal goes deeper,
Than the roman ruins
Behind Romes Town hall,
Just like the empire,
2000 years ago,
Corruption will see Rome fall,
A mountain of debt,
Inadequate roads,
Public transport at a standstill
And the tourists leave in droves,
And the metro can’t go underground,
And the buses don’t arrive at the stop,
The new mayor parks where he pleases,
This is a small taste of this crop,
Finally they have arrested some,
But will they end up in court,
Because Italy is stinking of corruption
Even the judges have been bought,
And even if they are sentenced,
It will get overturned,
They still will be to live,
In their taxpayers funded villas,
Wrongly and illegally built,
Too near the sea,
I just hope a tidal wave comes,
And rids us of this vermin finally,
So imagine every school without money,
Every hospital dirty and under equipped,
The whole town planning illegal and dangerous,
Concrete and tarmac on the green plains.

Just because they like their pockets,
Full of the innocent taxpayers money,
Medium-sized brown envelopes,
Full of lots of pretty euros,
Envelopes from the town hall,
For some they are still seen as heroes,
And the right think they are right,
And they vote for them some more,
And us on the left are left hungry and homeless,
And the debt is well through the floor,
Too many fascists in power,
The 1920s all over again,
We need a deep cleansing of politics,
To get rid of this filthy vermin.

©Darren Hobson December