and the world,
at times,
harsh and barren,
empty and cold,
hot and horrid,
far from our,
place we call home,
it is rock and valley,
lake and stream,
volcanoes and sanctuaries,
it is Tolkien’s,
favourite dream,
and the world,
at times,
can be dark,
and can be hard,
but other times,
it is your companion,
to entwine into,
to grow into,
to be one and the other,
ley lines wrinkle,
your face,
spiritually connected,
with the equinox,
all can find,
peace somehow,
far from the cities,
and the stress,
the coughing venomous,
new age cars,
water flowing.
from flash floods,
invading businesses,
already flooded in debt,
sewers collapsed,
long ago,
infrastructure meltdown,
can’t wait to see,
the colour blind snow,
and the world,
at times,
reminds us all,
who we are,
ingenious fools,
what distorts,
the rules,
forked to death,
this earth,
devastated demise,
now we pay the price,
open your eyes,
and the world,
at times,
can wield a surprise,
a rainbow,
a newborn lamb,
a river running,
washing away,
the poison,
out to sea,
to save a hundred,
destroy everything else,
the world,
welcomes humankind,
a race or a virus,
killing all the time,
everything we touch,
does not turn to gold,
but withers and dies,
dust on the breeze,
ashes from forest fires,
pollen plucked,
wilted and woven,
chemical meltdown,
radioactive breath,
the whole world,
to mans,
blood bath,
and the world,
at times,
seems not to care,
plays dead,
for a century or two,
then BANG,
for me and you.

© Darren Hobson November 2014