Well the party is over the year has arrived and most people stand on the shore of a new year, looking out to the sea that stretches far beyond what the eye can see, way beyond the horizon, confidence and optimism shapes the vessel you use to navigate the water that seems calm now, but without warning can turn against you.
So I hope my friends are protected in sea worthy ships and I hope that with pride we all give a hand to the less fortunate, people on rafts down on their luck, let us all paddle out into this sea of uncertainty, surviving storms and high tides, battling against the pirates and dangers that lurks beneath , life on the open sea means that some people might not make it to the other side, but we must make every journey worthwhile for everybody, doing the best we can to help others, keeping them fed and warm at night. New friends will arrive, new days will break, the sun will rise again giving warmth and stars navigate your way, the seasons change and we will grow stronger, wiser and closer to others, our hands scarred from our travels our minds absorb memories and our eyes tell a thousand tales.
I hope everyone maps out well their course for 2015 and I hope everyone reaches their preferred destination.

make friends and smile!