Once upon a time,
there lived a man,
in total harmony,
he lived happily ever after,
because you’ve,
mixed in pain,
mixed in loneliness,
mixed poverty,
mixed in pity,
mixed in thieving,
mixed in cheating,
mixed in beatings,
mixed in non stop beatings,
it is the life you live today,
vicious circle, dual sided teeth,
cut to the bone either way,
with this never-ending grief,
mixed in drunken stupor,
mixed in drugged up,
mixed in anger,
mixed in frustration,
mixed in jobless,
mixed in hopeless,
mixed in dumped by,
mixed in being single,
and the circle gets tighter some more,
you are death warmed up,
all your hopes and dreams on the floor,
you are just another fuck up,
mixed in split dreams,
mixed in demons seed,
mixed in planted deep,
mixed in zombie creep,
mixed in numbed feelings,
mixed in no more seeing,
mixed in no sense,
mixed in nonsense,
the train cannot run in circles all day,
the locomotive wants to break out,
heading out of the tunnel of trouble,
shunting away desperate days,
mixed in tragedy,
mixed in such a pity,
mixed in Preston bus station,
mixed in suicide spot,
mixed in flying free,
mixed in whole world,
mixed in seeing him,
now the curse is laid to rest,
laid to rest on a double-decker bus,
just like in this double-decker society,
when you lose the plot you have no pity,
and the slide it slopes on down,
the gradient always getting higher,
the sides so much icier,
no way to go but down,
down deeper where help cannot reach you,
into the mixer, you’re blind,
a swirl, a lost ingredient,
canceled out by negative humanity
one step nearer to insanity,
as the ambulance and the police arrive,
to the scene of his demise,
the whole grim audience just takes photos,
nobody has tears in their eyes,
because these things happen every day,
in a sad sick sort of way,
the whole world is all mixed up,
and totally out-of-place,
so friends don’t get this deep in,
there is help for you somewhere,
to stop the decline and the mix,
it only takes one person to care,
one person to save you,
from the mixer!

┬ęDarren Hobson November 2014