The clock has just struck 00.01, it is new years day and this is the most magical part of the year.
So why is that then? Just forget time zones and that, we are talking about every bodies 00.01, we are all equal.

The new year is were nobody has earned more than you, nobody has eaten more than you in those first few seconds of the year, it is so meaningful.
The slate has been wiped clean, nobody is richer or poorer, the criminals have committed no crimes, the striker has scored no goals, nobody has kissed more than you, nobody has written more than you, nobody has sold more books than you, it is paradise those first few seconds of the year.
We have no shame as we have done nothing wrong, we have no pride as we have yet to do something right. The whole world is ours to hold, a new book and a new page, we can hold our heads high, look to the future putting past mistakes behind us, putting past shames behind us, we have a new lease of life and in those first few seconds of the new year we can start anew,
It is not about a new years resolution thought out in a drunken stupor from a ghastly party with unsympathetic friend’s, it is about grasping the moment and walking away from last year and stepping up and raising above, weighing up what you did last year and what you can do to elevate yourself onto higher plains and cleaner pages , tasting the fresh air that has not been breathed in before in those first few second of this glorious era.
Maybe you are reading this far too late, you have already woken up hours later with a banging headache and a stomach full of half rotten fish , sick to the stomach, you enter the bathroom to get rid of the poison from the night before, but you know now, thanks to me, that you have another twelve months to survive in the same old , same old, and then it will be new year again, this time you will not be caught out, waiting for the first few seconds of the new year, to be free, to be different to change what you once were to rewrite the book on clean blank pages to be reborn to breathe again to see different horizons to be new to be you to be part of a new year to grasp this opportunity given to you.
Turn the page.