Well that was 2014, I seem to have done something right, I have grown some kind of fan base, I think I am going in the right direction.

sometimes I get paranoid and worry too much, it seems my poetry from the beginning of the year was better accepted than the recent offerings, did I do something wrong? Sometimes my traffic is low, but what can I do about that, not much, I am not sure how the stats work :)today I have had 5 views, does this mean five people who are not following me have visited my page? Well I am going to keep writing I think.

also this year I released four free eBooks, and another two books in paperback format, of which a free preview eBook was published. So friends I have a lot of poetry for you to read, just pop over to your local eBook store, search my name Darren Hobson, and you will find my treasures there.

I don’t ask for much in return, a truthful comment or a thoughtful review, these things are priceless for an Indie author like me.

as I am recharging my batteries and the internet interaction is hampered by a poor signal, all I can do is write new stuff for the new year.

I hope then that my work made you laugh or made you think, my work is just a diary of my thoughts in the end, some grim tales and some cat tails, all for the reader to digest.

so friends and foes and for those I already know ,if this is my last entry for 2014, then I bid you farewell for now wishing you all a smashing and astounding out of this world 2015.

remember though to share my work, and comment my progress.