pen in hand,
I try to understand,
the path,
I should make,
and why I should,
take you there,
a billion souls,
on a rock in a void,
just rolling around the sun,
some are oblivious,
to this fact,
others just stop,
to think,
and contemplate,
what miracles we are,
some pass by with smiles,
some others have a weight,
of expectancy,
of other negative chains,
that steal from you,
one pleasant smile,
a guilt gnawing into you,
a lifestyle too chaotic,
no time to think,
and please yourself,
you are making yourself ill,
just to please a few,
there are too many,
battles on a warfield,
too many battles,
within our homes,
a lot of victims,
don’t make it,
through the night,
because humanity,
is the cruelest of the cruel,
and when cruelty,
is forgotten,
for just a moment,
we see celebrations,
of marriages and births,
innocent smiles,
blue eyes,
natural feelings,
and unity,
if we put all,
our problems on a plate,
then there would,
be nothing good to live for,
pessimist views,
that you can use,
but won’t fed,
your family,
there is nothing you can do,
you just try,
and please a few,
but once in a while,
we are tickled by,
an emotion,
an explosion,
like a rainbow,
gives hope,
against a backdrop,
of a cloud,
in a thunderstorm,
we are not,
foolish enough,
to search for,
a pot of gold,
but that ray,
of light,
splintered into
a thousand colours,
gives your life,
a different palette,
to choose from,
and just for a while,
a carefree smile,
to make nerves,
fade away,
a birthday,
kids and cats,
and party hats,
those innocent smiles,
in nappies and pink,
makes you relax,
so you don’t have to think,
and here is the future,
and you must treat them kind,
so innocent and brittle,
a carefree mind,
but they are growing all the time,
learning always,
treat them special,
but don’t wrap them,
up in cotton wool,
for life has thorns,
and we’ve all been sliced,
we learn from our mistakes,
and we pay the price,
so the children grow,
give them grazed knees,
be sure, be kind, be stern,
but don’t sting like bees,
lift them up,
when they are down,
be their tutor,
but be also their clown,
teach them manners,
and teach them grace,
give them a happy time,
don’t be a waste,
be their friend,
in whatever you do,
don’t be scared,
just to please a few,
everyone gets sad sometimes,
someway, somehow, some news,
will blow you away,
in sadness you wrestle,
some dreams are put aside,
tears will flow freely,
without losing your pride,
for a day or a week,
you can waddle,
in negative chains,
but you need to raise up,
return to us again,
because it is alright to smile,
have a laugh or two,
time carries us on,
to a future that is new,
so no matter,
what you have lost,
there is still something,
to be found,
you need to get going,
get out into the town,
you have to taste,
the cool fragile air,
to make yourself stronger,
in a life that is not fair,
roll in your opinions,
memorize some grief,
be stern with your paranoid ways,
and make them brief,
for all the paths,
I could take you,
the choice is for you,
to choose,
some things never make sense,
everyone has views,
be it a whisper or a sigh,
a horse laugh or a devils tear,
just don’t stop and ask why?
just keep your beliefs near,
and struggle on,
but being free,
fighting with,
a lot of dignity,
getting to the destination,
maybe not on time,
but reaching your goals,
is something divine,
be you and do not cut corners,
don’t buy your way out,
don’t be corrupt or manipulative,
be simple without a doubt,
in the end it is ok,
pleasing the few,
but what is more important,
is first,
to please,
little old,

©Darren Hobson November 2014