Do you remember my free e-book Pushing My Luck? well it has been taken out of circulation, I hope!
The poems that were included in that e-book are now found in the paperback JUST.
why did I do that then? well for a start the cover art was not mine and therefore did not represent me, and then I decided I wanted to cut a new path.
So this is the deal, I keep the poem pushing my luck, spruce it up a little bit and then add a few more poems on the Luck theme.
Today the 13th day of the new year I started to craft my new entry, I got three new poems written for this e-book and thus I have arrived at 1000 words in all and therefore about 20% complete.
The poems I have written so far are called, Black Cat, Poker and Roll The Dice, in the next days I will hopefully complete the next block Horse Shoe , Charm and The Seventh Cursed Day, I also know the title of the last three poems, so I am basically just joining the dots to finish this book.
Very proud of the way I wrote black cat, and I have great ideas for the next days writing!
Even though this next book is themed on luck or its twin bad luck the poems are following the rules of my previous works, some are short stories, some are points of view and some are just highly funny or humorous and maybe rude and then I slide in some love stuff!!
So I am writing here in 2015, I hope some of you are excited to see some more work of mine!
My target is to write 12 poems or so reaching between 4000 and 5000 words, currently I am at 1000 , so give me two weeks and I might have the finished article!
Remember my last e-book 12 volts of eccentricity was written over three days! so two weeks is very realistic.
So who is jumping up and down with joy?

I have already ideas for another instalment after that!

thanks for reading have a great week!