Between green lands,
and arid waste grounds,
between the mists and sunshine,
and the stars and moon,
leaving behind misery,
hidden in a jar of whiskey,
glassed ego and not caring,
fueled to anger with frustration,
no way to treat misery,
I threw the glass down,
seeping yellow sickly poison,
risen from a grave and a bar stool,
packed my bags and began to run,
running somewhere,
running nowhere,
where I caress the path,
believe for awhile,
make a friend in deed,
break a smile,
feel the Love inside of me,
leaving behind misery,
marching over rainbows,
dissecting never sects,
painting grim tales blue,
worshipping the ugliest of insects,
giving back the pot of gold,
getting crazier as I get old,
return the “folk” lightning,
with double amperes,
pushing away the rain clouds,
and paying off my arrears,
for a moment feeling free,
dumped that bitch called misery,
trying to ignore the craving,
hopscotch through crazy paving,
stomping over poisonous weeds,
seeping through untreated cracks,
polishing out of veins of blood,
to diminish the threat of heart attack,
eating green, yes I have been,
eating better, eating leaner,
less varnish or window cleaner,
extracting the poison from within me,
kicking out some misery,
feeling better and breathing,
opened eyes and seeing,
trying to pitter the patter,
as dark mirrors they shatter,
reflecting the real inner you,
an artist is shining through,
and with the muse by my side,
in love I will hide,
feeling freedom, tasting success,
beating boredom that we detest,
some days positive more than before,
I swept away pain through the door,
I went on over to plan b,
and left behind something called misery.

© Darren Hobson November 2014