we have forgotten to ask why,
we just accept it,
in our naive lazy ways,
we just get on with it,
not many of us investigate,
not many of us at all,
too much bother,
in a simpler world,
we would be geniuses,
but we don’t have time,
to ask a simple why?
and when we don’t ask why,
there is a long line of dark souls,
ready to take advantage,
of you and your lazy ways,
it would only take two minutes of your time,
it would benefit you always,
so stop and think and ask why,
because being inquisitive pays,
you might learn something,
don’t be quick and ignorant,
just ask why,
firmly but without fear,
just ask why,
and everything will be clear.

┬ęDarren Hobson October 2014