It was published on the 2nd of March my second free e-book of 2015, it basically looks and feels the same as all the others, the cover artwork was done by me in a couple of hours, I know it is not a masterpiece but it shows a part of me. the word count is around 7700 and is in english.

Unlike my last e-book this is not a couple of poems based on a common theme instead it is a stack of poems telling you a true story of the worlds demise, all the facts and figures and evil deeds in chunky fonts.

So my friends if you like horror and the supernatural, if you like my poetry, if you like real facts entwined into a heartbreaking story then this is for you.

Being an Indie author does mean my work is a bit rough around the edges, maybe there are some crazy mistakes in there, if you find one let me know and I will smooth it out somehow.

I have already some basic information for my next e-book, so keep in touch I am still writing! please find the links to my latest e-book below.

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