hello friends, readers and aliens,
I hope the people reading this have downloaded my latest free e-book which was published one week ago.
As you try to understand what I wrote there I am currently writing the next Ebook, as of today I am writing my third poem, and I have titles for another six, it should take me a week or so to get the main bulk of the writing done.
The last e-book “seven gates of destiny” was a bit negative and gloomy , writing about the loss of humanity in the world, my next piece is built over a larger period of time and well the outlook for that end is also a bit negative too. The e-book I am writing now is totally different to the last one, mainly as it is not a horror story, but let us say this , just a reflection on who we are and where we came from!
Knowing that I have written a lot of gloomy work, I have already decided the theme for my next e-book (number four of 2015) which will be brighter and sexy and have a lot more bounce to it.
I would appreciate from my friends to inform me of which types of poems you like and how you found my ebooks so far!

Thanks for listening!