Well this month has almost run its course, time flies when you are having fun, it has been a busy year so far, mainly trying to get things in order regarding where we live, that has taken a lot of energy away from us and continues to do so.
nevertheless I have published more ebooks than I had imagine so far, I might have published less work here on WordPress, but like I said I have been extremely busy!
today I have had news from my publisher regarding my performance in January 2015, 279 ebooks downloaded in that month bringing my total amount of downloads from May 2014 > Jan 2015 to 1063, add that to the 80 books downloaded in February (provisional figures) I am performing to my expectations.
Due to my hefty workload at home and at work my next e-book is slightly delayed, maybe it is 60% finished, I know what to do but doing it is the problem! I have also the idea for the next book after that, the cover is already finished and I have ideas for five poems.
well that is my update, I have not won the nobel prize so there is nothing to celebrate wildly, slow progress and moving forward.
please feel free to criticize me and even help me by sharing my work, your support is appreciated!