And the day is long,
and the day is hard,
you look for inspiration,
to carry on,
and when they tell you to smile,
you think it is too hard,
because the scars cut deeper,
and the open wounds don’t close,
easy to say it,
but doing it is hard,
smiling sometimes is torture,
crying flows,
as you approach another,
midnight thunderstorm,
you lock and close the doors,
in the fortress that is your home,
no matter how many lightning strikes,
or how near the thunder roars,
you might never have felt,
so alone,
and the lights blackout,
the TV didn’t work,
due to the force of the rain,
dancing naked and wetly,
on your ten-year old satellite dish.
and the touch you miss,
and the tears you cried,
burn like acid,
on swollen cheeks,
and the cigarette burns,
smell of burnt flesh,
you don’t feel pain,
in this midnight thunderstorm,
and you know,
we told you so,
no matter ,
how hard,
it is right now,
because the rain,
will drizzle out,
like a hydrant,
loses pressure,
and all the time,
life goes on around us,
and you are motionless,
as the planets,
orbit around you,
you are the star,
remember who you are,
smile for crying out loud,
life is too short,
to remain in pain,
emerge into life,
like sinking into,
a hot bath,
and let the bubbles,
massage you,
relax you,
wash away the pain,
as the sun approaches the horizon,
you didn’t realise,
the stopping off the rain,
and the midnight hour,
has passed,
there is light all around,
the clouds have blown on,
there is the bluest sky,
so soak in the new day,
forgot all the tears,
remember your real friends,
you have had,
all these years,
for the midnight storm,
is what it says,
on the tin,
one hour at most,
one moment ,
one time,
and when it blows over,
we return back to life,
like you should do now,
remember what you lost,
bury it away,
smile like you never smiled before,
life to the fullest every day!

©Darren Hobson April 2015